A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made for Ludum Dare 35. Theme: Shapeshift

Fight back against boredom as you face down against waves of doodles in your school notebook! Enemies are attacking from up high, down low, and in between; you'll have to transform between three different heroes to keep the evil horde at bay. Battle for a high score as you shapeshift and shoot to hold off the baddies for as long as you can.

A / J ..........Become Giraffe (to attack high enemies)
S / K ..........Become Human (to attack mid enemies)
D / L ..........Become Creature (to attack low enemies)
F / Space ......Fire

If the enemies reach you, you die. Sorry.

Take your shots carefully! If you fire and miss all enemies, you'll get a strike. Three strikes and you're shooting privileges will be revoked.

Successive kills will increase your score multiplier. Miss a shot, and it goes back to 0.

Leave your high score in the comments to see who is the best doodle destroyer of Ludum Dare!


This has been my fourth Ludum Dare, and my third time finishing. I focused a lot more on art this time, so while my gameplay is more simplistic, I'm happy with the amount of animation work I was able to get done in a weekend.

Please leave any and all feedback, and if you run into bugs I will try to track them down. Looking forward to playing everyone else's games!


Engine: Unity
Code: C#
Art: Adobe Flash and Photoshop
Background Music: FakeMusicGenerator and Audacity
SFX: bfxr


DoodleBookSurival-Windows.zip 34 MB
DoodleBookSurvival-Linux.zip 37 MB
DoodleBookSurvival-Mac.app.zip 36 MB

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