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What Was Left In The Arena is the story of a wanderer, banished from our kingdom and doomed to wander the desert, where he will surely perish. Yet in this desert is a society built around The Arena. Exiles are rescued from the desert on the condition that they earn back their lives through combat in The Arena.

Between intense bouts of hand to hand combat, you will have a chance to interact with other wanderers trapped in the cycle of The Arena. Friendships are forged, rivalries boil over, and everyone is desperate to get out. You have a chance to earn your freedom...so long as you don't succumb to the allure of combat.


  • In Combat:
    • TIP: Dodge and block your opponent's attacks until they let their guard down. Then let loose attacks of your own. Every enemy has a different rhythm and style, so study their speed and patterns.
    • Up Arrow = Block High
    • Down Arrow = Block Low
    • Left Arrow = Dodge Uppercut
    • Right Arrow = Punch
    • Space Bar = Uppercut
    • (when enemy is downed) - Alternate Right/Left Arrow to Ground Punch
  • In Exploration:
    • Left/Right Arrow = Move
    • Space Bar = Interact

Created for GB Jam 5

Engine: Game Maker

Art: Photoshop

Sound: FakeMusicGeneator, bfxr, and Audacity


  • Black = #000000
  • Brown = #a46601
  • Orange = #ffa10a
  • Red = #790000

*Edit @ 11:28 AM PST 10/10/16 - allow resizing window


TheArena.exe 6 MB
TheArena.zip 6 MB

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